Website – Baby Steps

Today I (finally!) started working on my website. Right now it’s pretty basic, with only a white background and black text that says “This website is currently under construction! Please check back soon!”, but at least it’s a start! I’d like to think of it as taking baby steps. Things got a bit hectic this summer so the site kept being pushed to the back-burner, but I’m glad to have started it today. I hope to have a “first draft” of the site up and running this weekend!

My plan as of now is to include:

  • A homepage with my name, title, and photo.
  • An About page with my bio.
  • A page for clips.
  • A page for my reel. (Once I finish my reel, that is!)
  • A link to this blog.
  • A link to my acting and professional resumes as well as my contact info.
  • My Twitter feed.
  • And (possibly) a page for my songs. I’m not certain of having a song page yet. Lately I’ve been recording my songs in GarageBand and saving them as mp4 files, but soon I hope to record videos of my singing and upload them to YouTube. If I do this, then instead of a songs page I will just have a link to my YouTube channel.

I want my website to remain constant, with as little changes as possible, and I will use this blog and my Twitter for updates.

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