London Blog: Day 2

It looks like I’m going to be playing catch up with my posts. Luckily I’ve been writing everything by hand in my journal so I can just type it out when I get a chance. On the second day, Liz and I enjoyed the lovely continental breakfast in our hotel complete with croissants, tea, and British oatmeal (which is delicious!). BreakfastIn the morning we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is filled with international treasures. The museum has a little bit of everything but the best part was visiting the jewelry and theatre exhibits. I saw jewelry that dated back to ancient Egypt (the golden snake arm band reminded me of Aida) and dazzling jeweled tiaras worn by British royalty in the 1700s. The theatre exhibit was incredible! I saw the harness worn in the original Peter Pan production, glittering dresses, and costumes from The Lion King.

Peter Pan harness, 1904

Peter Pan harness, 1904

I could have spent all day admiring the costumes. We hardly scratched the surface of all the treasures within the Victoria and Albert Museum so Liz and I plan to go back and visit the Hollywood Costume exhibit another day.

After the Victoria and Albert Museum we went to King’s Cross Station to visit platform 9 and 3/4! (Harry Potter fans rejoice!) Next we toured the British Library, which holds the second largest collection of books in the world (second only to the Library of Congress). The odd thing about this library is that the books are stored underground, so you can’t exactly browse. There is a museum-like exhibit that contains some famous works displayed behind glass. I was mere inches from the Magna Carta, musical scores handwritten by Mozart and Beethoven, and Jane Austen’s writing desk and tiny glasses. It’s amazing to think that Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice at that very desk!

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

In the evening we saw our first London play, The Wind in the Willows, at the Royal Opera House. Although the play was cute, it was definitely more suited for children and I found myself getting a little bored during the first act. It picked up in the second act and I marveled at the actors’ excellent characterization. In the evening I went to an outdoor restaurant and dined under twinkling lights while listening to live music. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

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