C25K Day 1: Mud, Sweat & Tears (of Joy!)

C25KThanks to the advice of a very helpful reader, today I started C25K – a program designed to get anyone from couch potato to 5K runner in 8 weeks. All you do is download the C25K app and while you’re running a voice will interrupt your music to tell you when to slow down to a walk and when to speed up to a run. Even though it was raining today, I tried it for the first time felt like I got a really good workout. By the time the voice said “workout complete” I was covered in mud and sweat and was crying tears of joy — I was so proud of myself for actually running in the rain. I hope the weather is nicer tomorrow, but either way I know I’ll run.

My running gear!

My running gear!

In the afternoon I bought a new running shirt and headband. I can’t wait to wear them running tomorrow! It’s a little scary to think that I’m actually investing money in this, but I know that I’ll keep it up. We are planning to have the She’s the First TCNJ 5K the second weekend in April — giving me just enough time to train. I just keep thinking about all the little girls that we can send to school just by running and it makes my heart soar.

4 thoughts on “C25K Day 1: Mud, Sweat & Tears (of Joy!)

  1. Samantha says:

    YAY! I am so excited you took my advice. Make sure not to skip ahead a few weeks when you start feeling more comfortable with the running/walking ratio. It’s so easy to do because you think, oh well I can just bump it up because I feel good, but you can get injured really easily if you start pushing it really hard. Just stick with it week by week, and it’ll pay off in the long term.

    Seriously. I am super excited for you. I remember when I started C25K, and I can’t believe how much has changed since then.

    I would also recommend going to a running store, and having them fit you with some good shoes. Good shoes are so important to not getting injured. They don’t have to be super expensive (I pay about $50 for my Asics) but they should designed for running, and you should feel comfy in them. When you run in super worn out shoes it really takes a toll on your body. I can always tell it’s time for a new pair when my knees and hips start hurting, and then when I replace the pair, everything is back to normal.

    Good luck! If you have any questions you can email me at samandro22@gmail.com or you can send me a tweet if you are on Twitter: https://twitter.com/samandro22

  2. never2late4 says:

    I graduated C25k in January and it is a great programme, really good for getting you moving and gradually increasing the amount you run. Back in November I would never have guessed I could run for 30 mins.
    Warning, it is utterly addictive though :-).
    Enjoy your running.

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