The Haul: Forever 21

Yesterday I took a lovely trip to New York City to visit two of my very best friends, one who lives in North Jersey and another who was born and raised in the City — lucky girl! We shopped, dined and chatted for hours. I’m a firm believer that your true friends are those who make you laugh the loudest, and these two had me in hysterics all night. I must say that we did more chatting and laughing than shopping, but I did make some fabulous purchases at Forever 21. And get this — I spent less than $15! (You KNOW I love a good bargain!) So without further ado, here’s my Forever 21 Haul.

Salmon Sandals, $8.80

Aren’t these fun? I’ve been wearing the same tired sandals since last summer and I’m thrilled to have found a bright new pair to replace them. I have a sad habit of wearing the same pair of shoes over and over again until they’re destroyed and unwearable. Since these came in a bunch of other colors, I’m thinking of going to the Forever 21 near my house to pick up another pair!

Baby Pink Nail Polish, $2.80

Baby Pink Nail Polish, $2.80

Little known fact: Forever 21 has GREAT nail polish! They have a trendy selection of colors, the polish goes on streak-free and the price is right at less than $3 a bottle. I picked this particular color for future job interviews in the city! (Keep those polished fingers crossed for me!) Even though the bottle says “Baby Pink” I’m going to rename this polish “Lucky Interview.”

Tribal Headband, $2.80

Tribal Headband, $2.80

Admittedly, I wasn’t actually in the market for a new headband, but once this little beauty caught my eye I couldn’t let it go! I’m not sure what I’m going to wear with this just yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a great outfit. Who knows, maybe I’ll need to go on another shopping trip just to find the perfect look!

What do you think of my new finds? Leave a comment below!

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