Announcing my next show…

After a magical, yet exhausting, summer directing a children’s production of Beauty and the Beast, Jr., I decided to go in a completely different direction for my next show.

See if you can guess the next show I’ll be in.

Here are a few hints:

  • This show won three Tony awards in 2003 including Best Musical
  • This show was written by the composer of The Book of Mormon
  • This show features both actors and puppets

If you’re still stumped, I’ll come right out with it… Drum Roll Please

So, without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be playing Bad Ideas Bear in the upcoming Haddonfield Plays and Players production of Avenue Q!

This musical is essentially a raunchy Sesame Street for adults. You’ll definitely want to leave the kids at home for this one; it’s R-rated for indecent language and puppet nudity (I’m not kidding). Unlike Beauty and the Beast, I’m one of the youngest in this production. Our first rehearsal was last night and by the end of the evening my sides were sore from laughing so much.

Bad Idea Bears

For the past few weeks I’ve been attending Puppet Boot Camp to prepare for this show. Not only did I build my own puppet out of felt, foam and hot glue, but also I learned how to talk, walk, sing and act with a puppet! I have a new-found appreciation for puppeteers and the craft as a whole. Our first music rehearsal is tomorrow and I cannot wait to start learning the songs. This show is going to be a blast!

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