Avenue Q Musical Musings

Hello lovely readers!

For the past week I’ve been learning the music for my latest show, Avenue Q. I haven’t performed in a musical in two years, so I’m thrilled to be singing again. The music rehearsals have been a blast so far, but the music is slightly more challenging than I would have expected. Since Avenue Q is a silly show filled with catchy songs, I assumed the music would be a breeze. (I mean, my character is a puppet for goodness sake!) But despite the ridiculous laugh-out-loud funny lyrics, I found that I’ll really need to work hard to make sure I sing everything perfectly.

Here’s a particularly funny section of music from the song There Is Life Outside Your Apartment:

“There is life outside your apartment!

Oh, you never know what’s around the bend

You could step in dog $#!* or make a friend!”

You’d never know it just from reading the lyrics, but we’re actually singing in four-part harmony there. I’m really enjoying learning the music for this show because the songs are so catchy, plus I get to sing in a puppet voice which is really fun. I’ve been drinking a TON of tea with honey this past week to try and preserve my voice. Singing in a puppet voice can really take a toll on your vocal cords.

This week we were given our “rehearsal puppets” to start practicing with. The rehearsal puppets have the same feel and weight as puppets we will use for the performances, but they are for rehearsal purposes only and do not leave the theatre.

Bad Idea Bears Rehearsal Puppets

Bad Idea Bears Rehearsal Puppets

I loved practicing with my rehearsal puppet, but my hand was very sore by the end of practice. I definitely need to build up my strength before opening night!

Do you have any questions about the rehearsal process for a musical or about working with puppets? I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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