Mama Won’t Fly

Mama Won't Fly

I’m about to head out to my last performance of “Mama Won’t Fly” so this post will be short and sweet. The closing of a show is always a sad time for an actor because it means that you’ll no longer be seeing the cast members you’ve bonded with for the past few months and you’re putting to rest the show you worked so hard to bring from page to stage. Before long, the experience fades into nothing more than a distant memory. But such is theatre. I’m especially sad to see this particular show close because I know it is my last play in NJ. I’ll be moving to NYC in a little less than two months and while I hope I can do more theatre after I move, there are no guarantees. I feel like NYC theatre is the big leagues and I’m sad to be leaving the security of the familiar NJ theatre scene.

Mama Won't Fly2Playing the accident-prone Hayley in “Mama Won’t Fly” has been such a joy. I love making an audience laugh and this role has given me plenty of opportunity to do so. I feel like I’ve grown as a comedic actress working alongside such a talented and hilarious cast, especially my fellow leading-ladies. (We were in the newspaper! Here’s a link.)

I’ll miss this quirky group of actors terribly and hope our paths will cross again in the future.

So long NJ theatre, and hello NYC!

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