NYC Adventure: Belvedere Castle

Belvedere CastleDid you know that there’s a castle right smack-dab in the middle of Central Park? It’s true! While Belvedere Castle is certainly no Windsor Castle, it’s still a cool place to visit if you ever find yourself in the area. And located along 79th Street and deep within Central Park, it’s actually rather close to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could easily plan a quick trip to the castle after a day at the museum.

Even though the castle is within walking distance of my apartment, I’ve only ever been there while it was closed. This weekend I finally had the pleasure of going inside the castle and learning a bit of its history.

The castle was built in 1869 as a lookout folly Selfie at Belvedere Castleand has been home to the Central Park weather service since 1919. Fun fact: whenever you hear a weatherperson report the weather from Central Park, the data was collected at the Belvedere Castle. Pretty cool, right?

Derived from the word for “fair view” in Italian, Belvedere Castle certainly lives up to its name. Once you make your way up the very narrow, winding staircase, the castle provides scenic views of Central Park’s Great Lawn and Turtle Pond. (And it’s a great place for selfies.) There’s a tiny gift shop and information center on the bottom floor of the castle, where you can conclude your visit by signing the digital guest book. Belvedere Castle is just one of the many charming spots to visit within Central Park. This summer, let’s see how many we can visit! Until next time.


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